20 Games to Play at Your Halloween Party

Fall is officially here, and for many Fall fans, that means Halloween isn’t far behind! You may already be making your costume and buying up candy for all your trick-or-treaters. But Halloween is more than just costumes and candy… it’s also a great time to throw a killer party!

Get your Halloween party started with these 20 fun games— for kids and adults— that will get your guests in the Halloween spirit.

1.Bobbing for Apples. A traditional game often played in the fall and around Halloween, bobbing for apples is a game with a simple set up and a bit of a messy result! Without using their arms, guests try to bite into apples bobbing in a big tub or bucket filled with water. It’s a good idea to keep some towels handy for this game!

2. Bobbing for Doughnuts. Bobbing for Doughnuts is a little bit like Bobbing for Apples, but so much sweeter! Tie string loosely around a batch or two of doughnuts, and then hang them from tree branches in your yard. Bobbing for Doughnuts players will have to eat their way through the hanging doughnuts, hands-free!

3. Corn Hole. Corn Hole is a fun, easy game, usually for 2 to 4 people. Players toss bean bags or small bags of corn at cutout holes in raised platforms. A bean bag in the hole is 3 points, and one on the platform is 1 point, until the game ends with the first team reaching 21 points. So simple, but so addictive!

4. Pumpkin Carving Contest. A pumpkin carving contest is one of the most classic Halloween activities of all time! Pick some plump pumpkins and let your guests carve (or paint, if you don’t want any sharp blades around little hands!) a design in their pumpkin. Let an appointed panel of jack-o-lantern judges choose the winning pumpkin.

5. Costume Contest. Arguably the most classic Halloween game, you can’t go wrong with a Halloween costume contest! Whether you set a specific costume theme for your party, or let guests dress in their own creative costumes, everyone will love prepping their Halloween outfits and then coming to show them off!

6. Ghost in the Graveyard. With a really on-point name for a Halloween party, Ghost in the Graveyard is a fun combination of Hide-and-Go-Seek and Tag. The “ghost” hides somewhere— usually outside in the dark— and other players shout “Ghost in the graveyard!” when they spy his hiding spot. The ghost then tries to tag another player to play ghost as they all run back to a safe base and start again.

7. Guess the Pumpkin’s Weight. A game that’s simple and effortless— besides hauling the big pumpkin home! Weigh a pumpkin and then put it on display at the party so guests can guess its weight. The guess that comes closest to the actual weight is the winner, and hopefully snags a nice Halloween treat as a prize!

8. Candy Corn Guessing Game. Yet another game of guesses, Candy Corn Guessing Game is also a low maintenance activity to keep guests busy for a short time. Fill up a clear jar, Tupperware container, or vase with a pre-counted amount of candy corn, and let guests try to guess the actual number. Use as little or as many candy corn as you like, as long it gives guests a challenge!

9. Mummy Race. Mummy Race is a test of agility under pressure! With the assistance of a friend, players must be tightly wrapped mummy-like with toilet paper, then lined up to race! The mummy that runs (or hops or crawls or wiggles!) to the finish line first gets the prize.

10. Murder Mystery Game. A Murder Mystery Game is an entertaining Halloween party idea for both adults and kids. (It’s such a fun game, we even suggested it in another party post!) Buy a Murder Mystery Game package online, or try writing your own script, and give each guest a part to play. Trying to catch the killer will feel extra spooky when you play on Halloween night!

11. Pumpkin Bowling. Grab some small gourds and set up some decorated (and cleaned!) tin cans as bowling pins. Players will try knocking over the most “pins” with their little pumpkins to win a prize. Or, you can hide prizes inside the tin cans and players can claim the prizes in all the pins they bring down.

12. Pumpkin Ring Toss. Pumpkin Ring Toss requires a few pumpkins of various sizes, and long stems! Paint numbers on the pumpkins to indicate the number of points each one is worth, then let party guests try ringing the stems to win some goodies.

13. Pumpkin Hot Potato. Pumpkin Hot Potato is pretty self-explanatory— it’s Hot Potato, with a pumpkin! Sitting in a circle, guests will start passing a pumpkin as music (like “Monster Mash,” “Thriller,” or something else perfect for Halloween!) is played. When the music stops, the player stuck holding the pumpkin is out. The game continues until one person remains to be declared winner!

14. Halloween Mystery Box. Halloween Mystery Box is a chance to gross out some guests on Halloween! It’s also a chance for you to exercise some creativity while putting the game together. Stuff boxes— shoe boxes, tissue boxes, anything players cannot see inside— with all kinds of “gross” things: peeled grapes for eyeballs, wet cut up sponges for entrails, cooked carrots and ketchup for bloody fingers… let your imagination go wild! Players will then have to reach into the creepy boxes and try to identify the true contents without looking!

15. Eyeball Hunt. A little bit similar to Halloween Mystery Box, Eyeball Hunt is another gross game that kids will probably enjoy playing at a Halloween party! Fill buckets or large bowls with tons of cooked spaghetti (you always make too much anyway, right?!), and stir peeled grapes or marbles into the noodles— these are your “eyeballs.” Kids will have to hunt through the spaghetti to find all the “eyeballs” they can within a set time limit.

16. Horror Movie Quotes Game. Get your horror movie buffs together for this game! Print out the most famous quotes from horror movies, and have guests or teams guess which movie the creepy quote belongs to.  Use these 101 best horror movie quotes to get started.

17. Howl-o-Scream Contest. A Howl-o-scream Contest is a great game to try if you have no neighbors! Outside in the dark, have players share their best scary scream. Werewolf howls, horror movie screams, and monster roars are all fair game! Guests can vote on the best bloodcurdling noise to crown the Howl-o-Scream queen (or king!).

18. Poison Apples. Poison Apples is another elimination game that will leave only one player standing as the winner. Fill a basket or bucket full of apples, some red, some green. While blindfolded, players will draw an apple from the basket; whoever draws a poison apple— the green ones— is out. To up the stakes, remove a few red apples each round!

19. Witch Charades. Witch Charades are basically normal charades with a Halloween theme! Use a black witch’s cauldron (or a witch’s hat, if it’s easier to come by), and fill it full of Halloween-related charades that guests will have to act out.  Will you be the Bride of Frankenstein, a witch flying on her broom, or Dracula rising from his coffin? The Halloween charades ideas are endless!

20. “Monster”-Sized Games. Finally, if you’d like to have a bunch of awesome games with minimal effort, consider renting them from a party rental company, and playing on the “Monster” theme. NEO Amusements has giant indoor/outdoor games, like Giant 4-Across, Giant Jenga, and Giant Checkers, that can easily be called “Monster-Sized Games” that big and little monsters alike can play all evening!

With so many games to choose from, you may have a hard time deciding what not to play at your Halloween party. No matter which ones you pick, you and your guests are sure to have a happy Halloween!

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