3 Essential Things for a Great Kids’ Party

neo crayon bounceHosting a party for your children and their friends and relatives should be all about having fun. Too many people allow outdoor parties to become so stressful that they often miss out on all the fun and excitement that day. The best way to ensure that the children have a special time while you are relaxed that day is to work with us at NEO Amusements and let us take care of all the details that day. Working with us will ensure all the details are taken care of from the time you book your appointment to the taking down of the inflatables. Here are 3 essential things for a great kids’ party that will make certain every person at the party has an amazing time.


1. Choose a Company with a Variety of Supplies
If you want to make certain that all the kids and kids at heart have a special day, be sure to choose NEO Amusements since we have a large variety of inflatables and supplies on hand. In addition to inflatables of all different sizes that can easily accommodate children of all ages, we can provide tables, chairs, tents, and concession stands. We also provide outdoor movie screen rental. The bigger variety of supplies to choose from, the better chance your party will be one that the children remember for many years to come.

2. Safe and Clean Inflatables
The last thing you want to happen at your party is a child getting hurt or becoming sick because the inflatables were not properly cleaned. When you work with us at NEO Amusements we work hard to clean and disinfect each rental after each use so that they are spotless when they arrive at your party. We also go to great lengths to test each rental so they are 100% compliant with all safety regulations. Taking the time to test and clean each piece of equipment will provide all the children hours of fun and enjoyment throughout the day of the party.

3. Eliminating the Stress of Throwing a Party
When renting inflatables and other party supplies from us at NEO Amusements, you eliminate all the stress associated with hosting a large event. Our staff will help you with your reservation, making certain all the guests have what they need that day. The driver will arrive at your party hours before the event to set up the inflatables and test them. The driver will return to take down the inflatables after the party, virtually eliminating all that stress from your day so you can focus on having fun with your guests. Another option available to you is to have an attendant from NEO Amusements present during the party. This is certainly helpful in eliminating the stress of throwing a party.

Follow these 3 essential things for a great kids’ party and your guests will be talking about this event for many years to come. Call us today at NEO Amusements to start planning your next event.

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