31 Things to Do with Your Kids During Anti-Boredom Month

Are you having an exciting, adventure-filled summer?!
Or is your summer hot, long, and, worst of all, boring?

For children and parents alike, summer days can become a tedious cycle of boredom and frustration. Even though kids love summer break, they can struggle to find something fun to do every day. Even though parents love their kids, having them home all day long for months can wear on anyone’s patience! So what are kids and parents to do?

It’s the month of July to the rescue! July is National Anti-Boredom month, and is the perfect opportunity to make the most of summer. Throughout the coming month, explore these 31 things you can do with your kids to beat boredom and have an awesome summer!

1. Practice your photography skills.
Grab your phone or your digital camera and see how many cool snaps you can take! Keep it interesting by giving the kids photo challenges: Take a picture of the weirdest face you can make! Photograph three different birds! Keep the list going, and then take a look at the awesome photo memories you’ve made by the end of the day.

2. Try a new recipe.
Search your Pinterest boards for a recipe you’ve been saving for a special occasion, or break out the old school cookbook to find a new dish. Get the family involved by letting them help you measure, chop, wash, and stir— then enjoy the meal you’ve prepared together!

3. Create sidewalk chalk art.
Let the kids cover your driveway and sidewalk with colorful chalk doodles. Ask them to illustrate creative scenes, or turn the pavement into a giant game board by sketching out hopscotch, Hangman, and other activities kids can play when they’ve finished drawing!

4. See parades and fireworks on July 4th.
Nothing says July 4th celebration like parades and fireworks! Take the family to the town parade in the morning and the local fireworks show at night— and fill the time between with a great Fourth of July barbeque! For more July 4th activity ideas, check out our blog “5 Family Traditions for the Fourth of July.

5. Make crafts.
Crafts keep minds active and hands busy! Use supplies from The Dollar Store, spread out on the kitchen table or back porch, and let kids craft to their hearts’ content! For specific projects to work on, check out some fun craft ideas from MarthaStewart.com.

6. Volunteer.
There are so many ways to volunteer in every community! Teach a lesson in helping, gratefulness, and kinship by volunteering around town with the kids. Check with local animal shelters, nursing homes, libraries, and food pantries for volunteering opportunities.

7. Play backyard games.
It’s summer— spend time outdoors! Your yard is the perfect place for getting out all the rowdiness that bored kids can develop! Play Frisbee or tag, or have a water balloon fight— anything to shake out the summer cabin fever.

8. Play indoor games.
A welcome idea when the rain traps you inside, play the day away with indoor games. Pull out your favorite board games like Monopoly, Twister, and Jenga, and have a championship playoff! For more cool ideas, check out our gallery of indoor games.

9. Grow your green thumb.
Work in the garden— it’s another great excuse to get outside and keep little hands busy! Even if you don’t have the greenest thumb, kids can have fun digging in the dirt and learning to take care of nature.

10. Show a movie marathon.
A movie day is an easy way to settle down and relax together. Whether you plan a day of movie marathons or a family movie night, make it a special event with buttery popcorn, movie theater candy, and a stack of family-friendly flicks.

11. Have a picnic.
Pack a picnic lunch and spend a few hours outside enjoying food and fresh air. Even if you don’t live near a convenient picnic area, you can have an impromptu one on the deck or the lawn. Just make sure to bring your basket and checkered blanket for that authentic picnic feel!

12. Build a LEGO empire.
LEGOs are a quintessential part of childhood. Put imaginations and design skills to work by building an epic LEGO empire! Work together to build the tallest towers and biggest buildings.

13. Host the summer mini-Olympics.
If you have a big family or want to invite over neighborhood friends, host a mini-Olympics in your backyard with classic variations of summer games: three-legged sprints, Frisbee golf, NERF archery… Hold an opening ceremony by lighting the grill, and hand out silly prizes for participants!

14. Take a walk.
It’s simple, it’s free, and it gets everyone moving: take a walk around your neighborhood for a change of scenery. If you live in-town, stop by some local sites to prolong your trip— take out some books from the library, visit the pet shop, or go to the park.

15. Get reading.
Reading books helps build character and occupy time on long summer afternoons. (And bonus: it’s a quiet activity!) Add some reading time into your days by setting up a cozy place for everyone to curl up with a good book. For extra engagement, let your kids act out their favorite stories for the family!

16. Participate in National Give Something Away Day.
On July 15, get in the spirit of National Give Something Away Day by looking for opportunities to do good deeds! Help kids give away toys they no longer use, take a donation to a food pantry, or prepare a meal for the neighbors. This day is a hands-on way for kids to discover sharing.

17. Celebrate National Ice Cream Day.
July 16 is National Ice Cream Day! Visit a local ice cream parlor and sample different scoops, or have a make-your-own- sundae party at home with all the fixings! It’s a great way to entertain the family and cool down on a hot summer day.

18. Visit a museum.
Museums aren’t just for field trips! Visit a local or national museum for an air- conditioned stroll through a variety of exhibits. Not sure where to go? Greatmuseums.org is an excellent database for finding museum info in your area.

19. Make forts.
Another great idea for a rainy day, building forts is not just fun for kids! Use sheets, couch cushions, and chairs to design forts around the house, then crawl inside to read or watch movies. Get creative and see how huge you can make your fort.

20. Do some summer cleaning.
When all else fails, get cleaning! Not only is it something you have to do anyway, but with the help of the whole family organizing and scrubbing, it can be quick and fun. (It’s also smart to schedule cleaning day for the day after you’ve torn your house apart homemade forts!)

21. Go camping in the backyard.
You don’t have to rough it in the deep woods to have some family camping fun. Pitch a tent in the yard, roast S’mores over the grill, and stargaze in your sleeping bags as you enjoy a family getaway just a few feet from home.

22. Explore a local landmark.
Do you know how many adventures may be waiting just around the corner? Plan a family outing to a local landmark or interesting attraction. Search your zip code in Google or Atlas Obscura to find a fun location. You never know what your family may see or learn!

23. Eat your meals in reverse.
Yes, it’s silly, but sometimes silly is just what the doctor ordered to beat the doldrums! Change up your daily routine with a menu reversal: have your waffles for dinner, your PB &J sandwiches for breakfast, and your casserole for lunch! This quirky change will keep your kids guessing about what’s coming next.

24. Have Christmas in July.
What do kids love more— summer vacation, or Christmas morning? Give them both with a “Christmas in July”-themed day! Play carols, watch Christmas movies, cut out paper snowflakes, and bake your favorite cookies together. It’s a merry break in your summer routine!

25. Celebrate National Merry-Go-Round Day.
National Merry-Go-Round Day is July 25! Spend the day at the park or playground. Free entertainment is built right in with swing sets, slides, sports courts, and of course, merry-go-rounds!

26. Play video games.
Too many video games may rot your brain, but spending time playing as a family can be a treat for the kids! Set up a video game tournament and take turns playing everyone’s favorite game. Need some extra audio/visual equipment for your tourney? Check a local rental place!

27. Go to the zoo.
Zoos are entertaining and educational! Everyone in the family can visit their favorite animal while also learning about species and habitats. Check your local zoo’s calendar for special upcoming events and exhibits.

28. Take a virtual staycation. You don’t have to leave your home to take a vacation. Instead, try a virtual staycation that is both scholastic and entertaining. Ask your kids where they want to explore and let them plan out an imaginary itinerary for their trip. Then Use Google Earth to planet-hop to amazing locations!

29. Do a little dance on National Dance Day.
Break out your dancing shoes on July 29— it’s National Dance Day! Clear away the living room furniture and have a family dance party on the carpet. Start a dance battle to crown the best dancer in your family!

30. Have some Inflatable fun.
We’re all about inflatables, so we highly recommend giving kids the unique experience of renting a bounce house! Not only do your children get to bounce away their boredom, but the big colorful inflatables will have them feeling like they’re at a carnival in their own backyard!

31. Throw a party.
Close out Anti-Boredom Month with a bang! Host a summer party for your family and friends— you’ll have plenty of food and activity ideas to choose from after 31 days of beating boredom! Share your experiences, and relive the amazing memories you’ve made this month.

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