5 Facts About Safety of Party Inflatables

NEO slip n slideWhen it comes to kids’ parties, there is no doubt that inflatables such as bounce houses and slides are a big part of the fun. However, the safety of your kids is naturally the most important consideration. Here are 5 facts about safety of party inflatables you need to know about.

1. Party inflatables are generally very safe

Generally, inflatables are manufactured with safety as a paramount feature and accidents are quite rare. Inflatables are light and do not usually contain hard components. This effectively eliminates the risk of suffering injury from the item itself. Injuries are, however, not unheard of and caution still needs to be taken.

2. Common Causes of Accidents

The most common causes of accidents are collisions between occupants, bad weather and improperly installed inflatables. At NEO Amusements, we do not allow customers to pick up and install inflatables. Our professional technicians deliver and set up the inflatable so you are assured it is properly and safely installed. The most common accidents include abrasions, broken arms, twisted ankles and wrists and concussions. Inflatables should not be used in case wind speeds exceed 20 mph or in rain or lightning conditions. Since they are usually light, it is possible for inflatables to be moved or overturned by strong winds, posing a slight risk of injury.

3. Compatible age groups

Only compatible age groups should be allowed in the castle, and games should be carefully coordinated. Children of different sizes and age groups should not be mixed. Somersaults, flips and horseplay should be strictly prohibited as these are common causes of collisions. Overcrowding is a common cause of collisions and damage to inflatables. As a guideline, a 15×15 bounce house should only carry 10 children or 4 adults maximum. There should be an adult designated to supervise activity on the bounce house at all times.

4. Insurance coverage and legislative safety enforcement

Insurance for inflatables or homeowner’s insurance comes in handy. Many times, homeowners insurance does not cover rented inflatables hence it is prudent to rent from a licensed and insured inflatables rental company. Negligence when handling inflatables can void the coverage. Many states have laws governing the safe use of inflatables. Many of these require regular inspection and insurance coverage of all party inflatables. At NEO Amusements, we are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and carry liability insurance.

5. Food and sharp objects

These items should not be allowed on the inflatable. Shoes, jewelry, eye glasses and other hard or sharp objects may puncture the slide, bounce house or other inflatable causing it to deflate. Depending on how bad the puncture is, this could cause injury in a number of ways to children playing on the inflatable. Food, drinks or gum being consumed while playing on the inflatable pose choking hazards and should not be allowed.

At NEO Amusements we offer high quality party inflatables that are insured and regularly inspected by safety officials to ensure there are no problems at your party. All our items are well-looked after and are only purchased from reputable companies. This combined with safe use of the equipment will result in a fun, safe, trouble-free experience for your guests.

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