An Inflatables History Lesson

An Inflatables History Lesson

Bounce house, moon bounce, bouncy castle…whatever name you call them by, inflatable structures have offered endless hours of fun for kids and families over the years. But inflatables didn’t start out as fun family entertainment. In fact, they had a fairly unexciting origin: inflatables were originally designed to be tennis court covers!?

In 1959, a mechanical engineer named John Scurlock was in Shreveport, Louisiana trying to design inflatable covers for tennis courts. While working on his experiment, Scurlock was surprised and humored to find his employees bouncing across the covers. Inspiration struck, and Scurlock transitioned his court covers into a new endeavor: an inflatable “Space Walk” rental company. The very first bounce house was an open top mattress (with no walls or sides!) named the “Space Pillow.” Scurlock’s company took off in 1968, marketing to children’s birthday parties, school fairs, and picnics goers.

Since its inception, the bounce house has undergone a number of re-designs, including the addition of sides for safety and netted walls to circulate airflow. It has also taken on different forms, with inflatable water slides, obstacle courses, and game arenas joining the traditional bounce house family.

Whichever form or name you choose, inflatables are a classic, beloved amusement for all kinds of events! (Inflatables History Source: We just added tons of new inflatables and games to our online catalog! Make sure you check out the 4-Way-Joust, Sports Moonwalk with Hoop, SpongeBob SquarePants jump, and more!

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