Amazing Kids’ Parties Using Inflatables

NEO slideThrowing a party that your child and their friends will love can be tricky to say the least. One great solution to this problem is to use inflatables. Whether you decide on a themed party or a backyard cook out, adding some inflatables is a great way to ensure everyone gets involved and that your kids’ party is a success.

With a wide range of inflatables to choose from at NEO Amusements, from bounce houses to games, there is something for every party. Equipment comes in all sizes, and thanks to the vast selection available to rent, there is an inflatable for almost every space and budget. Using an inflatable offers kids a great way to burn off some energy, play together and have fun, as well as being an activity that doesn’t require a high level of adult involvement beyond supervision. A giant bouncy castle or a slippery inflatable slide, wont be quickly forgotten by kids, meaning your child and their friends have a fantastic party, and you take the credit for hosting such a great event.

While it’s easy for some children to form groups and for others to end up alone or unsure, an inflatable provides one big common interest for everyone at the party and promotes joining in. By having this central focus, you can reduce the number of kids wanting their mom, and make sure that everyone goes home with a smile on their face. Most inflatables are multi-purpose, and some might even be suitable for the parents to join in too. Adding inflatables to your party encourages kids to get up and move, allowing them to play organized group games or just to enjoy the novelty of the equipment as they wish. Any inflatable will provide hours of fun for the kids, and in turn, happy parents.

Inflatables are easy to rent, and straightforward to return afterwards. Little preparation is required to have inflatables at your child’s party, beyond booking the rental with NEO Amusements and making sure the space you plan to put them is suitable and ready. Making the highlight of your child’s party an inflatable keeps mess to a minimum, and makes for an easier cleaning up process when the day is done. At NEO Amusements, we place a strong emphasis on safety, with every item undergoing regular checks and meeting a strict set of safety requirements to ensure your child and their guests have the best day and one that is safe.

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