Best Ways to Use Summer Fruit

NEO margaritaWhen planning a summer party providing entertainment is no problem with help from NEO Amusements, however, you also have to think of the foods to serve. On a hot summer day, what better option to turn to than some of the best summer fruits. These are some of the Best Ways to Use Summer Fruit to ensure everyone has a great treat they will love, and to avoid wasting the best fruits out there during the warmer months. 

Popsicle Blend 
Pineapple and mango are great together. Or a sorbet blend of lemon or citrus orange would be great. Why not make these into frozen pops, not only for the kids, but the adults to enjoy as well . Great flavors, natural sugar, and a healthy alternative to the store bought products which are packed with sugar. 

Water blend 
Infuse some mango, lemon, strawberry, and other summer fruits, and mash them into water. You can create your own blend, or choose one fruit you love best to make that drink. It is not only refreshing on a warm day, it is also a great way to avoid the soda and other unhealthy drinks your kids would otherwise be consuming. 

Make ice cream 
Mango ice cream or a strawberry ice cream are also great options to turn to. You can freeze them and use an ice cream maker, or you can find a simple online recipe to follow. Whether you prefer a smoother sorbet, or would like to go with a firmer ice cream texture, there are so many fun, sweet, and exotic fruits you can blend together to create a cool and healthy treat that everyone is bound to enjoy. 

Regardless of which of these ways you choose to use summer fruits, when you are hosting a party any of these are great and healthy options that all your guests are going to enjoy. When you are renting party supplies from NEO Amusements, you can even incorporate the fruits into the food rentals you choose. You can make a syrup for the snow cones kids will eat, or you can use the margarita machine to make a fun strawberry or mango margarita for the parents. With NEO Amusements, the fun and entertainment is set up; and with these fun food ideas, you are also going to find that there is little to no work for you to do when you are hosting a summer party for friends and family.

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