Fall is a Great Time for a Block Party

NEO castle bounceBringing the neighborhood together for a block party helps to establish a greater sense of community and gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better. Fall is a great time for a block party as most children are just heading back to school and adults are preparing to resume their normal routines. Kids can meet up and socialize outside of the classroom environment and parents can catch up on forthcoming activities for the new school year. With the right party rentals from NEO Amusements, it is possible to create the ideal atmosphere for socializing, making new friends and solidifying old bonds. When it comes to creating a peaceful and safe living environment, few things are more important than having a strong and united community.


Keep The Kids Entertained With Themed Bounce Houses

One of the most important additions to these celebrations is a nice selection of themed bounce houses. Bounce houses are the ideal way to keep kids entertained and active while adults meet and mingle. These can be basic, single room structures that have plenty of room for jumping or they can be much more ornate. Some of the top options have exterior slides, several interior rooms with obstacles and even ball pits. There are incredible bounce house designs for every age and occasion. There are even inflatables that have water slides for areas with extended summers and prolonged high temperatures. These are great for letting kids exhaust the last bit of summer fun.

Other Party Accessories

NEO Amusements can provide a vast array of equipment and amenities for enhancing these affairs. For instance, you can spring for a snow cone maker, a slushie machine, a popcorn machine, or a cotton candy machine. This equipment comes with everything that you need for making sweet, delicious treats for all event attendees. You will also get detailed instructions on how to use it.

While you might have people bringing dishes for buffet-style service, these food concessions can transition your block party into a makeshift fair, much like the local county fair. With plenty of toys and fun for kids, your block party can become one of the most memorable events of the year.

When it comes to throwing a community celebration, much of what you need for providing a truly unforgettable experience for each can be obtained from NEO Amusements. Call us today to get started planning your block party. You will be glad you did!

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