Fun Rental Ideas for Kids’ Birthdays

PartyWhen you are planning kids’ birthdays, the sky is really the limit when it comes to the fun that you can provide. While entertainment venues that offer activities like laser tag or miniature golf are often fun, they are also quite costly, and you often still have to either bring in your own cake and food or pay higher prices for the venue to provide it.

A public park or your own back yard can create just as enjoyable a scene for your kids’ birthdays. If the weather is cooperative, you can bring in some fun rentals to make the day just as entertaining without the hassle of having a bunch of other families around. Often the price is comparable to, or even less than, what you would pay for a couple of hours at a bowling alley or a multipurpose arcade.

Bounce houses are one of the most popular rentals for kids’ birthdays in the early elementary school grades. Kids love taking off their shoes and hopping up and down with the rubbery fun popping them up higher and higher. After they spend a few minutes flying around and squealing, they’re ready to tumble out, take on some more cake, ice cream and punch, and then get back in line for another turn. They come in simple houses and in more elaborate designs, such as castles or circus tents. You can even rent an inflatable setup that includes an entire obstacle course that involves running, jumping, climbing and sliding. A party rental company like NEO Amusements can supply all your party needs.

Inflatables are just the centerpiece when it comes to kids’ birthday rentals. If you don’t already have picnic tables in your garage, you can have some put up to hold the goodies and the gifts. Want a snow cone machine? A margarita machine to help the grown ups make it through an afternoon of kiddie fun. If you don’t have games like cornhole, ladderball or croquet to keep the kids entertained, those are also available to rent. Sound systems, AV projectors, yard signage and even napkins, plates and tablecloths are all a part of the kids’ birthday packages that are available.

Kids’ birthdays live on in your little ones’ memories because of the fun that they have while they are there. What they did exactly may fade from what they remember, however, they will always have the positive connections to what you did that their friends loved and that they all wanted to do again the next week. The best part about using a rental company is that all the headaches go to the staff putting your party together. You, your kids and their guests can sit back and enjoy the fun. Whether your theme is a circus, the beach, summer sports or the Old West, you can put together a package for the evening that everyone is sure to enjoy. When the party is over, the staff comes back and handles all of the cleanup, so you can focus on making sure all of the kids get their goodie bags and giving them a smile as they head out the door.

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