Basic money machine - Participants try to collect as much money as possible while it is flying around them.

    Corn Hole Toss. This is all the rage out west. Corn hole is a deluxe toss game using bean bags. The board is set up and then players line up and try their best to get the bean bags into the target.

    Test your skills with this giant sized version of Operation.

    Just like the popular stacking game Jenga.  Try to stack the blocks as high as possible before the tower falls over.  Great for all ages.

    Introducing our Brand New Hover Ball Inflatable. This game is awesome for kids of all ages! You try to shoot the hovering balls off of the Inflatable. Great activity that teaches children safe use of a Bow and Arrow.

    Our Ladder Ball Set is perfect for backyards, campgrounds, tailgate parties, just pure fun! The objective is to fling your bolos onto the three rungs of the ladders for points. The first player to 21 wins!

    Tic-Tac-Toe. This is our version of the kids game tic tack toe. You need three in a row to win and then your golden. If you have a steady hand and a little luck it can be done. This is a great game for all ages and allows for a fun filled afternoon. Get your throwing hand ready and go for it!

    No matter the sport, World Sports Games has the game kids want to play! Choose from these popular sports activities: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, dart/Frisbee, all under one inflatable play structure. Encourage team spirit and friendly competition as children play their favorite game simultaneously and facilitate variety as participants have the chance to play each sport. This colorful inflatable sports game adds great value to an FEC. Check out the new Junior Sport Games that offers the exact same games as its big brother, but in a perfect size for smaller kids. Both sports structures are constructed of lightweight and fire-resistant ultra lite n strong vinyl, and will be a welcome attraction to any indoor or outdoor event, from a gymnastics club to a backyard barbeque.

    Don't get zapped! This unique carnival game offers challenge and nerves of steel concentration. The object is to get the metal loop to the bottom of the unit without touching the side. If you do then a buzzer and light go off. This unit is great for any event looking to spice it up a bit.

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