Bandit Cash Cube

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Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? Fill it with real money, gift certificates, play money, coupons, or any combination. Great for promotions, trade shows, festivals, employee incentives, fund raisers, and much more. Play money is sold separately ($2.00 per pack of 75 pieces).

Bandit Cash Cube

Bandit Cash Cube

Pricing Information!

4 Hour Price:

8 Hour Price:

24 Hour Price:

Pick it up yourself and save$: Many items are available for pickup. Call for details

Additional Info!

Circuits needed: Requires 1 electrical circuit(s)

Dimensions: 10’W X 4’L X 9’H

Space required: 12’W X 8’L X 9’H

Staffing: At least 1 attendant(s) is(are) required. You can provide an attendant yourself or we can provide them for you at $25 per hour per attendant (advanced notice is required)

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