Games for Your Kids’ Classroom Party

neo crayon bounceJust because you are hosting a party indoors or holding a party for your child at school doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself on the fun ideas and game options. When you work with NEO Amusements, there are many great options to choose from when you are planning their party.

Bounce houses
Of course if the school allows it, you can rent a bouncer for the day so your kids and their friends can play outside the classroom for a bit. Not only is this one of the fun activities for kids, it is also the central theme you can choose for their party you are hosting as well. With several themed bouncers, sports bouncers, and combo or interactive bouncers, you are bound to find something that works and that the kids will enjoy for the day.

Interactive games
You don’t have to stop with the bouncer, interactive games (for indoor or outdoor use) are also available for rent when you work with NEO Amusements when hosting the party. Cornhole game and the floating ball game are fun games that you can choose to rent for the day. In addition to these, there are also several fun interactive bouncers, or inflatable slide ideas you can choose as well.

At NEO Amusements we also have outdoor movie screen rental for the day. You can host the party outside the classroom on school grounds as well. Your kids are sure to love this, and their classmates are going to be impressed by the great options that you brought to the party for their enjoyment as well. These games and equipment not only can be played by everyone, but also elicit the fun competitive nature, and allow your kids to compete with their friends on the day of their party.

Sure, there are certain rules you have to abide by when hosting a party for your child at school; but, as long as you have permission to bring items into the school, there is so much you can do when planning your child’s next party. So, call us today at NEO Amusements and discover what great interactive games and bouncers are available. Allow us to do the hard work for you, all while planning a great party which you know your kids and their friends are sure to love.

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