Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgivingAt Thanksgiving, it’s traditional for families to come together and appreciate all the things they’re thankful for while gobbling up all kinds of Thanksgiving Day dishes!  We share food, stories, and games, before succumbing to “turkey coma” at some point during the day.  And no one cares if you overeat at Thanksgiving— that’s just part of the tradition! Undoubtedly, Thanksgiving is the best way to start the holiday season.

But all that planning for the Thanksgiving feast not only takes time, but space too!  If you’re family is hosting Thanksgiving this year, make sure you have enough place settings for all your friends and family.  Plan ahead and order some extra tables and chairs!  NEO Amusements offers several sizes of folding tables to accommodate hungry guests, and facilitate quick set-up and tear-down.  We also have folding chairs available so nobody will have to eat standing up!  You can even rent kids’ chairs so your littlest guests can settle in at the “kiddie table.”  Whether your Thanksgiving dinner is big or small this year, NEO Amusements can help save you space and time with rentable seating arrangements, so you can focus on more important things— like what to make for dessert!

Call (330) 486-7145 or check online for availability, request a quote, and a place a reservation.  All rentals are on a first come, first served basis, so it’s better to order early— but don’t hesitate to call even at the last minute to find out if we can help!

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