Host a Holiday Movie Marathon with our Big Screen

neo movieIf you are spending the holidays with family, why not enjoy each others’ company with a fun filled movie night? You can show a number of holiday themed films on the giant inflatable movie screen, and you can even serve movie themed foods when you are renting from NEO Amusements. You can rent popcorn machines, snow cone makers for the kids, and even cotton candy machines, all to go alongside the giant inflatable movie screen you are going to set up. You can have a holiday movie themed night with your family and your friends.

Show fun holiday themed films
Since you are hosting this outdoor event right around the holiday season, why not incorporate some fun holiday films to go along with the evening? You can show a Christmas Carol, A Wonderful Life, and several other great films that both the kids and adults will enjoy. And, with these holiday themed films, you will find the giant inflatable movie screen is the perfect way for everyone to be able to enjoy it. You can make it a drive-in night; you can park a few cars out in the lawn, and everyone can watch their favorite films. Or, simply cozy up with family on a few blankets outside, and enjoy the evening together.

The right snacks
Sure, you can simply rent the giant inflatable screen, but why not do things right if you are going to host a holiday themed movie night right before the holidays? You can choose the right foods to add to the night as well. With popcorn makers for rent, you can pop wpopcorn for all who will be watching the films. Fun snow cone makers can be used to make red and green holiday treats for the kids. And, with a few other holiday classics, you are going to have the perfect foods to go along with the perfect films and to go right along with the perfect company of your family and friends.

Hosting holiday parties can be a tedious task. But, with NEO Amusements, it does not have to be. We have everything you need to make it a fun experience for everyone. With the giant movie screen inflatable, not only can you show the perfect films on the big screen, you are also going to be able to invite the entire family, so everyone can watch their favorite films.

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