Host a Spring Fundraiser for Your Sports Team or School

neo bounce houseFundraisers are a great way to raise money for your school or sports team. But, selling candy or hosting a dated school function is only going to elicit so much response, and more often than not your organization and sports teams will fall short of their goal. This does not have to be the case. You can host a fundraiser everyone will want to attend, and one where you are going to raise more than enough for your school club or sports team.

Work with NEO Amusements
Working with NEO Amusements will make your life easier when hosting a fundraiser. If you need inflatables, bounce houses, water slides, a dunk tank, sports toss games, and any other fun outdoor activities, we have it all. Not only that, we will do the set up work prior to the event, and clean everything up once it is over. You have virtually no work to do, other than informing people that you are hosting a fundraiser event for your team or for the school club that needs to raise money.

How about food?
We can also help here. Who doesn’t like cotton candy and snow cones? You can rent these machines, and charge a fee for people to make their own cotton candy and snow cones. Not only will the money go towards the organization, but everyone is going to enjoy these fun treats which they don’t normally consume on a daily basis. Further, you can rent popcorn machines and other drink makers for the day. Everyone will love the cool treats, and you can easily raise quite a bit of money when you are charging for each of these items during the fundraiser event for your organization or sports team.

Hosting a fundraiser doesn’t have to be too much hard work. In fact, it can be fun for the hosts, as well as all those who are going to attend. When you work with us at NEO Amusements for the day, everything will go as smoothly as possible, plus you are going to raise in excess of the goal you had set for the event. You can raise more money, interact with more people, and know you are having a great time in the process, when you host a fundraiser event for your club or sports team. Give us a call today at NEO Amusements and let’s start planning your over-the-top fundraiser!

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