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NEO slip n slideThere are all sorts of kids’ parties held for different occasions. In most of these, you’ll see the same activities repeated time and again. Are there any unique activities that children can take part in? Of course! Making kids’ parties super fun requires you to think outside the box and add a bit of creativity into the event. Here are some ideas for an unforgettable party:

Making Chocolate

Let the kids indulge their sweet tooth with chocolate they prepared themselves. Molds of chocolate melt flavors are available in candy stores. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and let the kids pour the gooey sweetness into the molds. They can get creative by including lollipop sticks and other decorations. The molds set quickly in the fridge; they can take them out within a few minutes and enjoy.

Teddy Bear Party

Making kids’ parties super fun indoors can be challenging. This is one of those activities that kids can enjoy with limited space. Ask every kid to bring a large teddy bear or any other stuffed animal, and they can exchange them so that each kid has a new teddy bear friend. Let them give the bears names, and even come up with a story of the things they would do together. You can have teddy bear outfits and have the kids dress their new friends.

Imitate Story Book Characters

This is for older kids who can read. Making kids’ parties super fun requires you to consider the age of the children in order to pick age appropriate activities. Have the kids dress as their favorite storybook characters such as Harry Potter, Fancy Nancy, Curious George and so on. For this game, each kid assumes the book character. They take turns to tell the rest stories of their lives and what they would like to do in the future. Sit back and listen to children get creative! They can even exchange the outfits and the fun continues.

Backyard Party

The fun never ends when the kids get outdoors. The vast space opens doors for plenty of games. A backyard carnival requires you to plan several days in advance. Here they can play hide and seek, have a scavenger hunt and so on. Include inflatables as well. Modern inflatables come in all sorts of shapes and colors. The kids can jump and slide for hours. At NEO Amusements, we have a large selection of bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, combo units and much more!

One final tip to making kids’ parties super fun is arranging for something that they take home. It could be a toy, book, crayons or a hat. The souvenir will keep the memories of the party alive and get them yearning for the next one.

Call us today at NEO Amusements, and let us help you plan a super fun kids party!


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