Kids Love Combo Bounce Houses

NEO castle bounceIt likely comes as no surprise that kids love combo bounce houses, making them a great addition to any party. If you are planning a birthday party or other child-centered event in the near future, you might consider renting one of these items from NEO Amusements for them to enjoy. Even if you have already chosen to include a bounce house, you may wonder which is the best option for you to select. To help you decide, let’s cover a few of your available choices in more depth below.


How About a Slide?
While having a bounce house is fun for almost any child, adding a slide to the mix can truly make your event a wonderful experience for your guests. You can now rent a bounce house that has a slide on the side, giving the kids more options to choose from. This not only holds their attention better (key to the success of any birthday party) but it can also prevent congestion or long waiting times for the children to participate. After all, you can only house so many kids in the bouncing portion at one time for safety reasons.

Add a Basketball Hoop
Another reason that kids love combo bounce houses, is that you can add other games to them as well. For example, you can rent a moon bounce that has a flexible basketball hoop built in. This makes it possible for the kids to have a friendly competition, playing a game of bouncy basketball that is sure to be the hit of your party. Also, since the hoop is completely inflatable, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt.

Get the Theme Right
When it comes to children’s parties (especially birthday parties), getting the theme right is important. Kids often remember the theme of their birthday party for years to come, so getting a bounce house that establishes this theme can make all the difference. Fortunately, you can now customize many bounce houses, adding a personal touch that will fit your child’s theme.

Bounce house rentals are available with an interchangeable front, allowing you to choose from a variety of different options. These include popular Disney characters, well-known superheroes or more generic selections like a cowboy or princess. No matter which one you select, a towering bounce house is impossible to miss, and it will tie your entire event’s theme together nicely.

With all of the various choices covered above, it is no wonder that kids love combo bounce houses. They provide different attractions for the children to enjoy keeping their attention occupied until it is time to have cake and open presents. Add to it the fact that you can customize your bounce house rental in order to reinforce the party’s theme, and these terrific items are an obvious choice for your next event.

Give us a call today at NEO Amusements and enlist our help in planning a super party for your kids. You will be glad you did!

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