Movie Screen (30 x 17) Package

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30' x 17' Giant Movie Screen - The largest screen we currently offer. If you thought the Extreme Movie Experience was incredible just wait until you experience our Ultimate Movie Experience package. This enormous screen is large enough for crowds of up to 3000 people. NOTE: This is a complete package including the screen, projector and sound system

Movie Screen (30 x 17) Package

Movie Screen (30 x 17) Package

Pricing Information!

4 Hour Price: $0.00

8 Hour Price: $0.00

24 Hour Price: $0.00

Pick it up yourself and save$: Many items are available for pickup. Call for details

Additional Info!

Circuits needed: Requires 1 electrical circuit(s)

Dimensions: 30 x 22 x 5

Space required: 36 x 22 x 36

Staffing: At least 1 attendant(s) is(are) required. You can provide an attendant yourself or we can provide them for you at $25 per hour per attendant (advanced notice is required)

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