assurance plan (12 m)

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Have piece of mind by selecting one of our assurance plans.  If the weather gets bad, or you just need to cancel you can reschedule your event.  If there is damage you are limited in your liability.

assurance plan (12 m)

assurance plan (12 m)

Pricing Information!

4 Hour Price: $10.00

8 Hour Price: $10.00

24 Hour Price: $10.00

Add $55 per inflatable for delivery (Excluding slides, movie screens and most games)

Additional Info!

Circuits needed: Requires 0 electrical circuit(s)


Space required:

Staffing: At least 0 attendant(s) is(are) required. You can provide an attendant yourself or we can provide them for you at $40 per hour per attendant (advanced notice is required)

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