How to Plan the Perfect Company Party for the Holidays

happy holidaysThe winter holidays is the time when people get together at the same table and have a great time talking about the things they’ve been up to this year and also their goals. While it’s great to see a lot of friends sitting together at the table and having a great time, someone needs to make the preparations so the party can be perfect. Therefore, if this year it falls to you to plan this event, but you don’t know how to plan the perfect company party for the holidays, then there’s no reason to be worried. The ideas below are going to help you impress everyone with your organizational skills. This together with professional party planning from NEO Amusements will guarantee a superb party.

Slip N Slide Race

The parties that companies usually throw aren’t as fun as they could be, so how about this year you consider using an inflatable slip n slide where everyone attending the party can race one another in order to see who gets through it in the fastest time. This is a physically challenging task and because of that, you need to make sure that you take care of the details, including how people need to be dressed in order to take part in the challenge, the drinks, the snacks and the entire decor of the room. Perhaps prizes can be given for the best performances in the race!

For drinks you could prepare some cold natural beverages that contain no alcohol, since no one likes alcohol when they’re tired. As for the snacks, they need to be light and give people energy if they want to take part in the challenge multiple times. The snacks and the drinks all need to be on tables that are several feet away from the fun race.


Another possibility to engage people in the fun is games. At NEO Amusements, we have the corn hole game and the floating ball game. These can easily be played inside, and will bring out the competitive spirit in the players!

Well, since you now know how to plan the perfect company party for the holidays, make sure you invite all of your friends at work and don’t forget to play some good music as well. There’s no fun without good music playing in the background! We have loud speakers for rent if they are needed for the music.

Call us today at NEO Amusements and let us help you plan an amazing company party this holiday season!


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