Rent Age Appropriate Inflatables for Your Event

NEO slideInflatables have become an integral part of any party or event where children are going to be present. Party rentals offer various types of inflatables so that parents or organizers will be able to choose the ones which will be most suitable for the children who will be present. Even though all inflatables result in lots of fun, it is important to rent the best inflatables for the appropriate age group. At NEO Amusements, we can offer guidance on what is appropriate for your party.

The first decision would be with the type of inflatable. There are different kinds of inflatables, such as bounce houses, combos, and slides. As a general rule of thumb, bounce houses are the most basic type of inflatable. They are ideal for small kids as they enable them to jump up and down in a safe area which is relatively small and easily supervised. Parents or guardians will be able to see the children through the netted sides.

Slides are probably the most popular type of inflatables. They are ideal for kids of all ages, as well as teenagers. Obviously the sizes will differ according to the kids’ ages. Slides are even more fun when used with water during the summer months.

If you are going to have bigger kids, it may be best to opt for combos. As the name itself implies these offer more entertainment to kids who are older and keen on having more fun. Apart from the jumping area, combos will also typically include a climbing part, log and pop-up obstacles, one or more slides and a basketball hoop.

The theme of the inflatables you are going to rent will also depend on the ages of the kids. Neutral themes are often preferred when there are going to be older kids. If the kids are very young, there is a huge selection of popular characters from animated series and cartoons.

In addition to inflatables, at NEO Amusements we also offer audio visual equipment. We have different sizes of movie screens, projectors, and speakers, as well as a Wii Console and an Xbox for rent. Depending on your guests likes, this equipment may provide entertainment for them.

We also have carnival style food concession machines for rent. The cotton candy, popcorn, slushie and snow cone makers will certainly please any group of guests regardless of their age!

Give us a call today at NEO Amusements and let us help you choose the inflatables you need for your next event!


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