Having a Safe and Happy Halloween

Having a Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner!  Is your costume ready? Dressing up and going trick-or-treating is the highlight of Halloween— along with eating pounds of candy!  In the middle of all that fun, we can sometimes forget to take time and make sure Halloween is not just happy, but also safe.  Here are a few brief safety tips to remember before going door-to-door on Halloween night:

  • Be seen! It’s getting dark early, so make sure you have plenty of light and visibility when walking through the neighborhood.  You can use reflective tape on kids’ costumes, or carry flashlights and glow sticks, in order to see and be seen!
  • Stay together! There’s safety in numbers, so always stay in groups!  Children under 12 should have adult supervision, and any kids that trick-or-treat without an adult should always walk around with friends.  It also helps to stick to familiar, well-lit areas so no one gets lost or separated.
  • Drive carefully! Since lots of adults, teens, and kids will be out and about on Halloween, stay alert and slow down while driving.  Take extra time to look for kids while crossing and turning at intersections. And of course, don’t text and drive!  With heavy pedestrian traffic on Halloween night, your eyes and hands should be distraction-free.

. . . And finally, Have Fun!  Having a safety plan isn’t meant to take away from the fun of trick-treating, but makes sure you are ready for anything, including tons of fun, and tons of candy!  From the NEO Amusements’ team, we hope you have a very Happy Halloween!

            Want to make Halloween night even more fun? Toss the Tootsie Pops, and hand out candy cotton or Sno Cones to your trick-or treaters instead!  They’ll be lining up down the block for these treats!  Order concession machines online now, or by calling (333) 486-7145.

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