Spring Celebrations for Kids

NEO Monster TruckSpring time comes after the cold and windy winter. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and Mother Nature springs back to life; the true sense of springtime! The warm weather is slowly coming and this is a great time to let children enjoy the outdoors.

Children love parties, holidays and lots of fun. Your spring party can include the traditional spring egg hunt, party games outdoors and all the yummy treats that kids love so much. Allow children to help in preparation for their spring party. They can assist by planning what games to play and the treats to make. Make it a fun crafts project by asking them to create invitations that they can give to their friends and neighbors. This is also the best time to decide on how many kids they can invite to the spring party.

The best spring celebrations for kids are to throw a spring garden party that’s family friendly! A spring garden party is actually a lovely way of toasting the season in style. Get the kids outside in the fresh spring air. They will not only enjoy the springtime, but they will also get a chance to celebrate the best parts of the season.

To entertain your kids in cool stylish ways, we have lots of DIY ideas that will make spring celebrations for kids even more exciting. From season friendly foods to delicious finger foods, your kids will really enjoy these fun themes while sipping their favorite cup of juice.

Party activities for spring

Rent inflatable party equipment from NEO Amusements and let your kids and their friends bounce their energy away all day. In addition to bounce houses, we have a 16′ inflatable slide and a slip n’ slide. Children love inflatable party equipment and spring celebrations for kids will not be complete without one.

Kids spring party decorations

Even kids appreciate great table settings so try some DIY spring party decorations that are full of color and creativity. You can also ask them to help in creating some of the party decorations so that they feel appreciated. Children enjoy participating in any way they can to make a spring party successful and fun.

Spring party games

Games are your best bet to keep kids entertained and busy during a party. Come up with creative games that will keep the kids engaged all through the event. You can buy a parachute, bean bags and a CD that has some parachute games and songs. If there are teenagers at the party, you can request them to lead the children in the games and thank them later with a gift. At Neo Amusements, we can supply the cornhole game or the floating ball game!

Spring party food for children

Children enjoy eating party snacks that have been made into creative shapes, so rather than making just plain sandwiches, use cookie cutters and shape them. Beautiful shapes make eating less fussy for kids! Food concession machines like cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones are available for rent at NEO Amusements. Kids love these concession foods! NEO Amusements is ready to help you plan an outstanding spring party. Give us a call today and let’s get started!

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