Spring is on the Way–Time to Plan Your Fundraiser Now Using Inflatables

NEO Monster TruckAs the New Year gears up in full swing, spring is on the way–time to plan your fundraiser now. Running a successful fundraising event is not easy; in fact it is easier said than done. Fundraising events are a popular form of financial support for organizations. Although they are great ways for making money for an organization, they are time consuming and expensive. It is true that the success of fundraising events depends on careful planning. This means that for you to have a successful fundraiser you will need help from professionals. NEO Amusements can assist you with your fundraising event. We are professional party and event planners and are headquartered in Cuyahoga Falls OH. Our service area includes a large part of Ohio.The following are tips on how to have a successful fundraiser;

Choose a theme that will blend with your audience

People love going to events that benefit a great cause and events that are fun and interesting to attend. Therefore, take some time and think about your audience and come up with ideas that will keep your audience entertained throughout. For example if your audience is comprised of mainly young people, consider looking for party rental equipment such as an inflatable that will keep everyone entertained. Creative fundraising ideas do not necessarily need to be expensive to engage your audience.


When planning any event, having a complete budget listing is very important. Your budget should include invitations and advertising, catering, space rental, rental equipment, transportation, utilities, security, staff and anything that will make the fundraiser a success. It is important to ensure that your budget takes into account the fundraising goal. However, remember to leave extra room for unforeseen costs in your budget.

Marketing the event

For your fundraiser to be effective, you need to market it to your target audience. Marketing an event helps in creating awareness and making your audience know that the event is worth their time and money. You can market the event through emails, word of mouth, phone calls, direct mail, mailed invitations and any other way that seems viable.


Your fundraising team or staff should plan the event set-up in advance. This includes all the necessary particulars such as where will the fundraiser be? Will there be food? Will there be some sort of entertainment? Who is your target audience? What is the itinerary for the event? What kind of dress will be required?

In summary, for you to have a successful fundraiser you need to be prepared. Preparation can be tough but with the help of NEO Amusements, professional event planners, you can have a successful fundraiser. Give us a call and take advantage of our knowledge and experience!

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