Tips to Consider Before Renting Bounce Houses

neo crayon bounceBounce houses provide a creative and exciting option for making any event entertaining and enjoyable. A bounce house is an excellent and wonderful addition to your party. Renting the appropriate bounce house from NEO Amusements for your event will ensure everyone including adults, teens and kids are entertained. The following are some great tips to consider before renting bounce houses for any type of event.

The type of bounce house

This will let you settle for a type that suits your guests and their age. Some of the most popular types that you may consider include character themed or a combo which includes a basketball hoop, climber and slide along with the jumping area. Slide bounce houses are appropriate for guests who would like jumping, while character bouncers are suitable for kids that have a theme or character that they like.

Consider your occasion

Be sure to pick a bounce house that matches your event and its theme. There are many types of bounce houses which are meant for different types of events and themes. They come in different colors, shapes and design. House bounces work best in theme carnivals, parks and kids’ birthday parties. They provide an outlet for young children and other guests to keep them entertained.

Insurance and safety

It is imperative to ensure the company renting the house bounces is insured. Insured party rentals are known to provide quality services and guarantee them. At NEO Amusements, we are licensed to operate by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. We carry a $1 million dollars of liability insurance for all of our events. Proof of insurance is available on request. Safety is also a very important consideration. Both the rental company and the renter should comply with the set standards. For instance, the renter should follow the appropriate load capacity and age requirements while the rental company should take care of the bounce houses. All of our equipment is cleaned and inspected after every rental so you are assured that the equipment you rent is clean and safe.

Size of bounce house and your backyard

Your event will not turn out as per your expectation if you rent a house bounce that can’t accommodate all your guests. Look at the size of the bounce house you want to rent and ask the number of guests it can accommodate. This will ensure you get a bounce house that can comfortably accommodate the expected guests without getting damaged. In addition, you should consider the size of your backyard to ensure it best fits the size of your event area. At NEO Amusements, we can help you determine what size bounce house will meet your needs.

Other considerations

Children supervision: The design of the bounce house should allow easier supervision of the children as they play, roll and jump. The adult supervising the children should keep a close eye on the children to ensure the kids don’t jump too hard thereby reducing chances of sudden injury.

Give us a call today at NEO Amusements, and we will help you choose the proper party rentals for your next event!

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