Tips for Last Minute Party Planning

NEO monster bounceEven if you are a great host, sometimes we wait until the last minute to start the planning and this is when we begin to stress. But, with these Tips for Last Minute Party Planning, not only will you find planning to be a breeze, you are also going to throw a party that goes off without a hitch. Of course you should work with NEO Amusements for the entertainment equipment, but for decor and other ideas, you can use a few of these simple tips for the day.


Tap in to social media 
Your friends post pictures, you can find suggestions, and you can find so many great ideas on social media, so why not use it? Regardless of the sites you are on, there is something for everyone. You are bound to find out what your guests are going to love and simple quick tips you can turn to in order to make things go smoothly on the day of your party. 

Consider DIY 
Whether it is a themed party, holiday party, or work party, with a few simple DIY decor ideas you can do things quickly and guests will believe you spent hours doing them. Homemade napkin rings look great, or for a holiday party, wrapped gifts will set the stage. These, and other simple ideas can all be found online, and are simple to make in a matter of minutes generally. 

Don’t forget the drinks 
No party is complete without the drinks; but, if you are short on time, make it simple. Serve beer, wine, and simple drinks, rather than try to create party themed or fun colorful drink recipes. Not only do most guests tend to enjoy the basics, but they are also a time saver, a money saver, and are items that you can find nearly anywhere even if you are pressed for time. At NEO Amusements, we can help you with drinks! We have a margarita machine which the adults will love, plus a slushie machine for kids of all ages!

Take advantage of party rentals
If you are planning a party for your kids, NEO Amusements is a great resource for planning. Not only do we provide the fun party games, inflatables, and carnival style party food, but you can even rent tents, chairs, and tables. You won’t have to do any of the hard work, it is affordable, and all kids are bound to enjoy the fun activities you have planned. 

These are some simple tips you can use the next time you are planning a party to cut down on prep time and avoid the stress that comes along with party planning. Call us at NEO Amusements for helpful planning and great party rentals for your event.

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