Using Inflatables to Enjoy a Memorable Fall Festival

NEO slip n slideFall is almost here and what this means is that a lot of people are already preparing to celebrate with a Fall Festival and have a great time. If you’re someone who hasn’t decided yet about what you would like to do to enjoy a great time, then you may want to host a fun filled fall festival with inflatables where you’re going to have a memorable time with your kids. So what can you do to make this one of the most beautiful memories you’ll ever have?



Use Slip N Slide with pool

A slip n slide with pool is probably one of the best ways of making sure that your kids and their friends are going to have the best possible time ever. You can install the slip n slide with pool in your backyard and then fill it with water and make sure it’s wet so that kids can easily slide on it and then jump into the pool. You can also try it and the way it goes is that you build momentum and then jump on it and then slide right into the pool.

The one who can slide into the pool the fastest is sure going to be in for a great experience. In fact, your kids will be able to challenge their friends and make a contest to see who can do this in the shortest amount of time. The winner can get anything from a delicious homemade cake to some delicious treats or a ticket to a nearby amusement park.

Bounce Houses

Kids love bounce houses. At NEO Amusements we have several to choose from. One even has a monster truck on its roof! There are castles, and another has pillars like crayons. Any of these will provide hours of bouncing fun.

Food Concessions

To please the little kids and the bigger ones, we have cotton candy, popcorn, snow cone and slushie machines. For the adults, there is also a margarita machine. So, everybody can be happy!

Audio Visual Equipment

If you will be having a large party and need A/V equipment, we have it at NEO Amusements. There is a DVD player, a projector, speakers, and movie screens. We also have a Wii console and an Xbox. There is surely something here to please the electronic enthusiasts in the crowd.

Other Supplies

If your party is large enough to need additional tables and chairs, we have them in addition to tents.

All in all, it seems that you can easily host a fun filled fall festival with inflatables and have tons of fun with your kids. In fact, you can also participate in the contests you organize for them and see how much better you can fare than them. At NEO Amusements, we have the equipment and party planning know how to help you plan and execute an over the top event! Call us today so we can being planning.

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